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Miura Boiler was founded in 1927 and has grown to be one of the largest industrial steam boiler manufacturers in the world. The company, which has consistently led in the development of technology that reduces oil and gas consumption, conserves natural resources.

At Bykowski Equipment we consistently achieve a high energy cost saving by installing Miura brand boilers in plants. Miura's design promotes efficient use of energy as a design point and they also achieve the ability to reach full steam output in 5 minutes or less from a cold start up.

Miura Features:

  • Low NOx “No Furnace” Boiler
  • Full Steam Output Within 5 Minutes
  • Smaller is Better - MIURA’s LX Series boilers occupy 50% less floor space
  • Early Warning Scale Monitor
  • Unbeatable In-Service Efficiencies - Typically 85%

Miura's Product Line


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