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DELTA SWmini4 Single Seat Valve

Its hygienic design makes it ideal for applications in the dairy, beverage and brewing industries, as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The valve is 3A certified and EHEDG approved. As our standard valve,
the valve is available in on/off and change-over versions.
Features & benefits

Sturdy ball shaped housing designed for optimum cleanability.

The extra wall thickness of the valve housing minimizes stresses in the seat area. At the same time the ball shaped housing effectively prevents sump or dome, thus optimizing valve cleanability and reducing CIP-time.
A comprehensive range of valve housings are available to cover any requests.

Controlled compression of seat seal

The metallic stop ensures defi ned compression of seat area and minimizes stress and load on seat seals, which in the long run minimizes downtime. Furthermore, this arrangement ensures smooth product transition in this
area. Wear resistant elastomer/PTFE shaft seal and shaft bearing arrangement increases seal lifetime and consequently minimizes maintenance costs and general downtime.

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