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Boilermate(R) Water Treatment

Introducing a proven, eco-friendly water treatment program that reduces chemical dependency and the cost of boiler operation.

BOILERMATE® Water Treatment -

The main ingredient of Miura’s BOILERMATE® is Silicate, a corrosion inhibitor. Silicate is naturally-occurring material ideal for water treatment in Miura’s once-through boilers. Years of research and experience have shown that water tube corrosion can be controlled by balancing the amount of silicate in the water and the corrosive ions.


BOILERMATE® is environmentally-friendly and controls the corrosive ions without the need for additional harmful chemicals. This environmentally-friendly product supplements Miura’s other “green” benefits and provides our customers with the best possible water treatment. Miura will be manufacturing BOILERMATE® in its new U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility located outside of Atlanta, Georgia as well as in Brantford, Ontario (Canada).

BOILERMATE® users can greatly reduce the need to heat feed water, usually eliminating the need for an expensive Deaerator. This is a remarkable and unique advantage that saves money on costly equipment ‘extras’, while also reducing energy costs and conserving resources.

By operating the boiler at lower feed water temperatures, users will benefit substantially from improved overall efficiency, depending on the condition of their water.


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