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BL Micro Controller

The BL Micro Controller Boiler Control System offers significant advancements, including many new individual monitoring points, as compared to our popular XJ1.
The BL Controller is the smart answer to troubleshooting. It works for you and with you, identifying problems and suggesting solutions in a plain, descriptive English display.

Easy-to-see operation and emergency lights:

BL green Green (normal)
BL yellow Yellow (warning)
BL red Red (emergency)


2 push buttons and a scroll selector only:

BLhand1 One push button to start
BLhand2 Rotary selector switch to modify setting



The new controller makes the boiler more efficient by:

  • Setting the pre-purge timing optimum to the boiler
    • Honeywell: standard 10s, IRI 30S
    • New Controller standard 10s, IRI 20s
  • Purge Cancel function* ignores the post purge when fast restart required. It eliminates the loss and shortens response.

*This function is not set as default


 When restart requirement occur during the post-purge, boiler considers post-purge time as pre-purge and shortens the pre-purge timing. It eliminates the loss and shortens response.

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