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Electronic Sanitary Differential Level Transmitter (TDL)

The Anderson TDL transmitter combines all the benefits of a completely electronic DP level transmitter with features that improve performance and application breadth. By incorporating our proven SL Driftless Level transmitters as primary inputs, installation, calibration, and long-term stability are all greatly enhanced versus competitive solutions.

Furthermore, we designed the new transmitter to operate on 24 Volt DC power, meet intrinsic safety requirements for hazardous locations, and provided a HART protocol option.


  • Electronic sensors eliminate hard-to-install capillaries and solves temperature and position compensation issues.
  • Dual transmitter output eliminates one transmitter and its associated process penetration.
  • Smaller diaphragm size simplifies spud and sensor installation.
  • Meets intrinsic safety requirements, HART protocol optional.
  • Operates on 24 Vdc power
  • Multifunction integral LCD display is standard.
  • Quick Disconnect Receptacles with optional Field Wiring Connectors

With its NEMA 4X Stainless Steel enclosure and integral LCD Display, the transmitter can be mounted anywhere it’s most convenient using standard electronic cabling for sensor and output wiring. Dual outputs are standard, with DP (level) as the primary output, with the secondary selectable for “top” (pressure and/or vacuum) or bottom (total tank pressure). In most applications this can save up to $1800 by eliminating a secondary transmitter and process connection.

Finally, we’ve added additional sensor fittings for simple retrofitting to sanitary tank spuds and ANSI flanges. The new TDL is now ready for virtually any level application where pressure and/or vacuum conditions exist.

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