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BEECO has always been recognized in the industry as a leader in plate and frame heat exchanger service including; dye checking, regasketing and troubleshooting. With the population of California continuing to rise, food and beverage processors are constantly looking for ways to improve their effciency and lower their operating costs while still meeting production quotas. To help our customers in this way, BEECO can offer a helium test which will save you down time and from the need to run a complete CIP after the test is conducted. Traditional dye penetrant and ultra-violet methods are also offered.

We believe the need for regular testing in the food, diary, brewing and pharmaceutical industries has never been greater. Increases in health scares, public interest and the insistence of large retailers on due diligence means that companies can no longer hope for the best or wait for an expensive fault to interrupt production. Quite clearly, prevention is, better than cure. That is why we at Beeco, not only offer the traditional dye penetrant and ultra-violet methods for leak detection but also are pleased to provide on-site helium gas testing, the latest in testing techniques.

We are committed to finding new ways to help you, our valued customer, improve efficiency, lower costs and increase profitability.

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