Unique RV-P

How it works


The Unique RV-P valve consists of a valve body without seal, cone-shaped regulating plug, lip seal, bonnet and an actuator. The actuator with the bonnet is fitted to the valve body by means of a clamp ring.

The standard valve is supplied with a standard normally open (NO) actuator. Upon request, it may also be supplied with a normally closed (NC) actuator.

Operating principle

Alfa Laval Unique RV-P valves feature an electro-pneumatic actuator with an integrated IP converter, which provide accurate and reliable conversion of electrical signals from a controller directly to pneumatic signals. With the contactless magnetic sensor technology the actuator and positioner is insensitive to vibrations and pressure shocks.

The pneumatic signals are relayed to an integrated positioner, which operates by means of the force balance principle. This ensures that the position of the actuator piston is directly proportional to the input signal. Signal range and zero point can be adjusted individually.

By changing the standard measuring spring, the actuator may also be used for split-range operation.

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