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DELTA UF and UFR Process Valves

APV has specially developed the DELTA UF pressure relief valves to protect installations against excess pressure.

If the set pressure is exceeded, the valve opens; if the pressure sinks below the set value (up to a maximum of 20%), the valve closes.

Main advantages

  • Optimal cleaning possibilities. Free draining ensures trapped product or CIP residues.
  • No stroke limitation by seat lift actuator and so the full diameter of the opening is available during cleaning.
  • Particularly easy to service - only four screws to be loosened and the valve insert can be lifted out upwards.

All valves can, in addition, be provided with a seal lifter, e.g. to relieve pressure during cleaning operations.

There is provision for mounting feedback signal proximity switches in the actuator yoke. All product-contact parts are manufactured from AISI 316 series stainless steel.

The valves can be supplied in nominal diameters of DN 25 - 100 and 1" - 4".


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