Brewery Double Seat Mix Proof Valves with Schedule 5 Piping- W71 Series

Various model offerings are available to meet the processing demands for brewery mix proof applications.


  •     W71 Shut-off Mix Proof
  •     W71 Tank Outlet and Horizontal Mounted Mix Proof
  •     W71 Balanced Horizontal Mix Proof


  •     Bodies machined from solid bar 316L give high strength and stability to endure thermal and mechanical stresses common to breweries
  •     2''-6'' Schedule 5 pipe sizes
  •     Long life, chemically inert TFM seat option
  •     Fully balanced stems available
  •     External Flush available to clean vent cavity and drain during long product run or when CIP not readily available
  •     Optional hose barb or clamp connection on the drain port


  •     Product Wetted: Stainless Steel, ASTM 316L (UNS-S31603); (DIN-1.4404)
  •     Non-Product: Stainless Steel, ASTM 304 (UNS-S30400); (DIN-1.4301)
  •     Seat: Tri-Ring Elastomer or TFM Compression Seal on Upper and Lower Stems
  •     Elastomers: EPDM or FKM (Fluoroelastomer)
  •     Finish: ≤ 32 Ra (≤0.8 µm); other finishes available upon request.

Operating Pressure Ratings:

  •     2"-6" Sch. 5 Sizes - 150 psig (10.3 bar)
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