Aseptic Centrifugal Pumps 200 Series

For aseptic flow applications, centrifugal models are available that retain the benefits of the Waukesha Heavy-Duty Centrifugal Pump, but also include a special design feature that protects the product zone against contamination. These modifications assure that every potential entry point for contaminated air or liquid is bathed in sterile steam.

The JM motor, equipped with a stainless steel shaft, comes standard with the Aseptic Centrifugal Pump 200 Series. Aseptic models may be specified in either pedestal or close-coupled configurations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Full steam trace around pump cover, seal chamber and ferrules
  • An exclusive steam trace on the clamp itself
  • Compression fittings on each side of the head that feed steam for the ring around the back plate
  • Direct steam intrusion in the seal area
  • Carbon Purebide seal material
  • Holes in back plate between vanes equalize pressure and permit thorough cleaning.
  • Pedestal or close-coupled configurations
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