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Due to unique design of separately manufactured shafts and screws, many different material combinations are available, thus allowing for optimum combinations for specific applications.

This two-piece design also allows the screws and shafts to be replaced independently of one another, maximizing interchange ability while reducing maintenance cost and downtime. Shafts are made of high-quality stainless steel (DIN rating 1.4542, ANSI 630 S.S.) as standard equipment. The excellent physical properties and chemical resistance of this steel grade has been proven on thousands of Bornemann Pumps worldwide.

The screws can be supplied in a wide range of materials including cast iron, nodular iron, bronze, and various stainless steel grades - allowing numerous different material combinations to best fit the particular application at hand. For the pump casing there are various materials available including cast iron, nodular iron, or cast steel.

The HP pump is designed with external bearings and timing gears lubricated with clean lube oil. External lube oil or cooling systems are not required what keeps the system as simple as possible and subsequently increases the reliability of the system.

  • Complete Pipeline Evacuation
  • Handling of some (minor) gas fractions

The consistent ongoing development of the SLH has been based on our many years of experience working with our customers, general market requirements and the demands of relevant directives and certifications. Bornemann SLH twin screw pumps are single-flow and self-priming. Two contact-free intermeshing screws and the pump housing form closed chambers that, according to the direction of rotation, constantly move towards the pressure discharge end of the pump.

The pumped fluid flows through the screws in an axial direction. Therefore, the pump imparts very low shear and little pulsation to viscous and shear-sensitive products. For this reason, SLI pumps are well suited for fluids with high or low viscosity, with lubricating or non-lubricating properties, and fluids containing some solid.

The entrance geometry of the suction chamber is modified to accommodate the particular fluid properties of the product, thus allowing the pump to handle applications with liquid, lumpy and abrasive fluids. The SLI pump can easily be adapted to the user's requirements according to viscosity, temperatures, working pressure, speed and other criteria.

Speeds range from 200 rpm up to 3.000 rpm.

Self-priming rotary displacement pumps in a compact range with external bearings without touching medium. For aggressive media also.

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