Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

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Did you know that there is a major advantage to using a Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger versus a Conventional Heat Exchanger? A Plate and Frame Heat exchanger exposes fluids over a larger surface area, which facilitates the transfer of heat and greatly increases the speed that the temperature changes.

BEECO has over 40 years experience working with Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers and is here to discuss your process needs. Please feel free to contact our Heat Transfer Team today for a recommendation.

SPX has the only patented PLC controlled, R5 Quad-Drive plate heat exchanger with four tie bars for precise closure. Taking up to 1,000 plates, the newest addition in a long line of PHE innovations from SPX makes it easier than ever to install, control and maintain your PHE for optimal process performance.

DuoSafety plates are specially designed to protect product from medium as a consequence of through-plate leaks from cracks or corrosion. They have a pair of special non-welded plates back to back, with the leak path between them open to atmosphere. These paired plates then have product and service medium flow on either side.

Sanitary applications present a unique set of requirements to get the job done as well as live up to the strong demands for meticulous clean-up, easy accessibility and strong product integrity.

APV ParaWeld is a range of laser-welded plate pairs for refrigerant and chemical processing and a logical alternative to shell and tube and all-welded plates. The pairs are particularly suitable for evaporation and condensing of refrigerants such as ammonia, as well as chemical and general process duties involving aggressive liquids that would attack conventional gaskets.

Advantages of Gasketed Plate vs. Tubular Heat Exchangers: High Heat Transfer Film coefficients three to five-times greater Efficient operation with up to 98% heat recovery or regeneration Low liquid hold-up enables faster reaction times to change in process Fluids flow counter-current to each other between the parallel passages in each pass

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