Corrugated Double Tube (CDT)

The APV ParaTube CDT consists of a single corrugated tube concentrically positioned in a larger diameter outer tube. Tube diameters vary according to flows and the size of any particulates which may be present. The double tube offers a completely unrestricted flow path down the center tube. This design makes them particularly well suited for heating or cooling products with very high pulp or fiber content, or products which contain a substantial quantity of particulates which must be processed with a minimum loss of identity.



  • Working temperatures up to 545°F/285°C
  • Design pressures to 871 psig/60 bar
  • Flexibility in materials of construction from carbon steel to special alloys
  • High particulate capacities
  • Can handle high viscosity products
  • Resistant to fouling
  • Robust
  • Easy maintenance


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