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Aseptic Sampling Systems - QMI

The Aseptic Sampling System for material transfer (sampling or adding of liquids) is used to achieve aseptic transfer of materials into and out of the aseptic barrier of process vessels and lines. It is most suitable for use in applications involving the transfer of low viscosity, low particulate liquids at flow rates compatible with the size of the hypodermic needle used in the procedure.




1. At desired sampling time, wash hands thoroughly, then remove dust cover.




 2. Sanitize samplers outer surface with proper strength sanitizing solution or alcohol prep.




 3. Insert needle through one of the seven unused sampling guide holes. To correctly insert the needle, slant the needle slightly toward the center of the sampler.



4. Fill syringe with sample, then remove the needle for safety.






Aseptic Sampling System (7 Port System) - Samples obtained by the Aseptic Sampling System, along with proper laboratory incubation and analysis, can help you monitor for and determine the source of microbial contamination. The unique, patented Aseptic Sampler provides for aseptic process sampling while virtually eliminating the risk of introducing new contaminants to your product, process or sample.

Aseptic Transfer System (12 Port System) - Industries using the Aseptic Transfer System include Pharmaceutical, BioEngineering, Biotechnology and Brewing/Distilling to inoculate cultures, nutrients, enzymes, or other liquids directly into your vessel safely and without contamination. The Aseptic Transfer System can be easily installed into processing/fermentation vessels or fluid transfer lines. NOTE: USE WHEN SAMPLING OR INOCULATING HIGH VISCOUS LIQUID WHERE LARGER NEEDLE IS REQUIRED (14...

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